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eeZee Mouse
Adapted Mice


eeZee_Mouse adapted mice provide people with disabilities reliable computer access

eeZee MouseTM Family
the ultimate Alternative Computer Mouse

See the eeZee Mouse
in action

Items included in an eeZee Mouse; cables  mouse,  papers
  • Designed to
    Fit the User
  • Use Anywhere !
  • Weighs < 2 Grams
Body Sensor Close Up

     The 3rd generation eeZee MouseTM family of adaptive mice is based on tilt-sensor technology.  An amazingly tiny Body Sensor, generates very smooth & precise cursor control when tipped or tilted,.  Designed to be used where the user needs it, the Body Sensor can literally be worn  anywhere from head to toe, and beyond. (attached to anything and manipulated by the user). 

     An alternative product for computer users with Muscular Dystrophy, Neurological conditions, Repetitive Strain or Stress Injury, Spinal Cord Disease or Injury, stroke, or Traumatic Brain Injuries or other condition.

Head to Toe & Beyond

  • Compatible with ALL
    Hardware & Software
  • No CPU resources
  • Platform Independent
    PC, Mac, Android,
    SGD, AAC, Surfac
  • Unlimited Mounting options
  • Hands Free design
  • Fits the users abilities
  • No Software No Drivers
             No headaches

10 second clip (1W) showing cursor movement AND Body Sensor moving.

        These adaptive mice operate via Body Sensor, providing computer access to match the user's ability. This easy to operate system provides easy adjustments while keeping operation simple.

        Users often tell us the eeZee Mouse is the smoothest and most precise of all the mice they’ve ever tried; and generally it’s been quite a few.

        The smooth accurate cursor movements make this the ideal companion for an Eye Gaze system to increase accuracy.

Not just for the Head Anymore!

     Three hands free adaptive mice models provide users a choice in click options to meet their individual needs.  Cursor control is identical in all 3 models.

     3rd Generation computer access for  people desiring alternative computer control.  Fully compatible with ALL hardware & software.


3 Models  Identical Cursor Movement









 (Identical on all 3 Models)

USB Connection to the host computer
or SGD / AAC device

Home Button
Button on top of unit.
Calibrates Body Sensor to its position. Tilting sensor away from Home will move cursor.  Cursor will stop when sensor returns to Home position.

Home Input Jack
3.5 mm Input jack for
optional external switch
accepts any type N.O.  Switch

Motion (ROM)
Motion Control adjusts sensitivity of the Body Sensor.  Minimum settings have small Home position & require less sensor tilt.  Maximum setting have larger home position and require more sensor tilt.


Cursor movement is generated by “tilting or tipping” the Body Sensor.  Tip it left or right to move left/right respectively; tip backward/forward to move up/down.  Tip just a little to move very slowly, tipping farther increases speed. Returning to Home stops cursor.  Works like a joystick in space.


      All LaZee Tek products are fully compatible with ANY Dwell software or any clicking hardware.  They can be used simultaneously with other mice, trackballs, etc..    











(Unique to SWITCH)    

External Switch provides left OR  left & right button functions

External Switch provides right button control

LED Intensity
Provides user control of the Feedback LED brightness

Option DIP
Selects quantity of switches to be used













(Unique to PRO)    

Adjusts gain of microphone

External microphone input 3.5 mm

Disables microphone

LED Intensity
Provides user control of the Feedback LED brightness

Option DIP
Selects button functions






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