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Accessories for our special needs computer mouse products.


Standard Body Sensor*








Heavy Duty Body Sensor*








Rotational Body Sensor*








Behind the Head Microphone w/Sensor Mount



Behind the Head Microphone provides mount for Body Sensor





eeZee Mouse Headset



Lightweight headset provides mounting location for eeZee Mouse Body Sensor





LaZee Mouse Headset



Standard Headset that is included with LaZee Mouse units.  Microphone cable length ~12”
(LaZee Mouse not Included)





Microphone Extension Cable



6 Foot Microphone extension cable mates with LaZee Mouse unit and most standard microphones including LaZee Mouse Headset.  Handy for monitoring LaZee Mouse LEDs while wearing headset.





eeZee Switch Adapter

EMS-Adapter 1


Allows eeZee Mouse SWITCH unit to connect to a dual switch with 3.5mm stereo plug.





eeZee Airline Adapter



A Standard Airline Adapter. Allows eeZee Mouse SWITCH unit to connect to a dual switch with 3.5mm stereo plug.





LaZee Switch Adapter



Allows LaZee Mouse SWITCH unit to be connected to 2 separate switches





USB Extension Cable



6 Ft USB M-F Extension





USB System Cable



6 Ft USB M- Mini-B Cable









* Sensors pricing in only valid for owners of eeZee Mouse systems.  If you don’t own an eeZee Mouse unit & would like to purchase a sensor, please contact us for pricing.


Send us your microphones!

We’d like to test them with our assistive technology mouse products.  All shapes, sizes, styles.......If they work well, we will discuss offering them to our customers.



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