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Assistive Technology
Alternative Mice


Develop Best in Class Computer Access Technologies

What we do:
     We develop and manufacture Best in class Assistive Technology.  ie.. alternative mice that help people with physical disabilities or limitations  access a computer.

Who we are:
     LaZee Tek is a family owned business committed to providing quality Computer Assistive Technology devices at reasonable prices.

Since 2004

     Background: Electrical Engineer with decades of experience designing leading edge electronic products for NASA, FAA, Military, Automotive & Commercial electronics industries.

To develop:

easy to use
cost effective
quality products

  We promise to keep product costs low while utilizing the latest technology available.

Why we do it:
     My first exposure to the Assistive Technology industry while consulting was shocking.  Coming from the high tech Fortune 500 engineering labs, what I saw looked to me to be antiquated, unreliable, and horribly expensive.  I felt there was something morally wrong when someone buying a $1,000 computer had to pay $1,500 for an Assistive Technology mouse that usually worked.

     When my own disability issues interfered with my ability to continue working, I accepted a higher calling.  I felt I could put my background to good use designing products that were easier to use, more reliable and cost effective.

     My goal was to build a computer input device that could be found on the shelf at a local electronics store for under $100. (remember calculators in the ‘70s )  We still have a way to go, but I’d like to think we’re at least headed the right direction.

“I saw a need, and a place my experience
could make a difference.”

How we do it:
     We’ve been trained at leading edge companies, in processes like: Design for Production, Reducing Costs, Component Reliability, Human Factors Engineering, Generic design concepts, and more.  After utilizing them for decades, its second nature for us to develop products with Universal Design concepts having a core functionality that allows us to leverage technology into future products, thus benefiting the user.



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