Question:  Can I move the same eeZee MouseTM or LaZee MouseTM back and forth between a MAC and PC without changing anything?                

Answer:  Yes, just unplug from one system and move to the other.


Question:  Can I use your adaptive mice on an Android device or Surface tablet?

Answer:  Surface Yes;  Android most likely.  The OS in most devices includes support for standard mice.  If so,  just plug it in.

Question:  The USB port on my tablet is not the full size connector.  How do I plug in your hands-free mouse?

Answer:  Some devices use a tiny “micro” USB connector instead of the full size port.  An inexpensive USB On-The-Go cable adapter may be needed. The article "How to connect a USB accessory to an Android smartphone or tablet" may be helpful.


Question:  I like the LaZee Mouse being self contained, but I want to be able to adjust the ROM to suit me.

Answer:  Test drive an eeZee Mouse unit making note of the ROM setting that works best for you.  Then contact us with that information before ordering, and we will custom build a LaZee Mouse with those settings for you.  There is no extra charge for this!

Question:  What’s with the name LaZee Tek?

Answer:  LaZee Tek was created through a highly technical process called anagrams!  The operation of our products is based around a tilt sensor that senses AZimuth and ELEvaTion. We put our board of directors together and came up with LaZee Tek!

Question:  Does the Body Sensor or LaZee Mouse unit need to be mounted “level” or close to it in order to operate properly?

Answer:  No, it can be mounted up to 60 degrees away from “level”.  More in certain circumstances.  It will even function upside down, although directions will be reversed.
Question:  Does the unit need to maintain a line of sight with anything in order to operate?

Answer:  No, All necessary information passes thru the USB cable, therefore the unit can be located anywhere. Under the desktop on a foot, off to the side, etc...

Question:  Is there a lighter alternative than the headset that comes with the LaZee Mouse.

Answer:  Yes, There are many headsets on the market both with and without microphones.  It’s not possible for us to carry all of them, so we selected a durable model that can withstand lots of abuse, although not the smallest & lightest.  Depending upon the user there are different brands that may produce a good fit with a lighter package.  Our units will work with most any headset on the market.  If you find one that works better, we can usually arrange to modify the microphone cord length for you if desired.

Question:  I’m having trouble holding the cursor in the center of the screen while I try to set the home position.

Answer:  This is common with new users.  The key to setting the Home position is to ignore what the cursor is doing.  Get comfortable in desired position  (while ignoring the cursor), and press Home.  Now start watching the cursor.  For more details on setting home please refer to the Operational Note 201 Setting Home document.


Question:  Is there any adjustment to tighten or loosen the headset with the LaZee Mouse?

Answer:  Yes, the tightness of the headset can be adjusted, by just bending the two sides.  Bending together will tighten the fit on the user, while pulling apart will loosen the fit.

Question:  How do I adjust the eeZee Mouse Motion (ROM) knob and what does it actually change.

Answer:  The Motion knob lets the user control how much movement is required of the Body Sensor to move the cursor on the screen.  With the Motion at maximum (fully CW), the home position is larger and the Sensor will need to be tipped farther.  With the Motion at minimum (fully CCW), the home position with be very small and very little Sensor tipping will be needed.  As the minimum position requires such small movements to control the cursor, it’s also very sensitive and is the hardest for new users to control.  Its best to start practicing at the maximum setting and adjust down as your abilities allow.  For more info on setting the ROM please refer to the Operational Note 204 ROM Adjust
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